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This month in History
In October of 2002 I took on former WOHW superstar Johnny Kain. Even though I was still just a young little Kid(Krush) I must say this was an important match not only for me, but for WOHW aswell. Ya see fools, this match was the first ever match taped for WOHW's first ever TV deal on UPN9, and it almost ended in tragedy right before it even began! Well what happend was I was shot in the face by some rabid individual...ok I was lying but on the way out tagging all the hands and such, someone left a huge crash pad out in the middle of the floor, and of course me not paying attention I almost tripped...but never fear DEEPERS, I managed to keep my incredible balance! Anyways the match was over quickly and I was on my jobbing way.

Other results for October:

EWF: Chuck Deep+Brian Miller beat Nick Neighborhood+Mikey Mudd w/ all titles on the line


NEPW: Chuck Deep and Nick Neighborhood went to a double DQ

Chad Stetson won a battle royal

SAW: Scott Scarzdale+Bubba Franklin bt.Chuck Deep+Neighborhood

WOHW: Chuck Deep bt. Bert Williams to retain the crusierweight title!

In September of 2001 in one of my favorite matches of all time I wrestled my future tag team partner NICK NEIGHBORHOOD for the EWF Title. I was the champion in this incredible bout and defending the title was not going to be an easy task against the then dredlocked competitor! After about 20 minutes of non-stop nugget cracking action I was able to put Nick away with a simple roll up! Now if I knew that shit I wouldn't have been breaking my neck with all this flying halepeno bull! After the match Hudson Falls Favorite duo SWINGER SEDOOSKI and SHANE ALDEN came out and challenged us to a tag match. The only problem was nobody could hear Swinger because the Mic was down his throat, just like what would happen if he wrestled THROAT LOAD BRODIE LEE!

Also in September of 2001 in a sparring match-up I tore the miniscus muscle in my colatteral latteral hemoglobin KNEE! I won't name this careless out of shape summerslam sweathog but lets just say he wants to be like HOGAN. What sucked about this was it was one day before my debut in WOHW. We all know that I probably would have beat my future Damage Inc. Partner Danger in that encounter. I beat everybody...maybe next time I will tell you how I beat 3 gangs up at once or how I save 27 refugees from a pit of rattlesnakes!

Other Results for September
EWF:Brian Steele won a battle royal


WOHW: Bert Williams Won a Battle Royal


WWA:Hale Collins+Nick Neighborhood bt. Chuck Deep+Kid Krazy

WWA:Neighborhood+Shockwave bt. Chuck Deep+Hale Collins by DQ

WOHW:Chuck Deep bt. Virus to retain the Cruiserweight Title
- Till Next time YA UNDASTAN!

March 15,2004

March 15,2004
Updates Soon

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