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NOV. 1st
So it happend, the earth was shook, it cracked in half and Chuck Deep returned on October 9th 2004! Any other man would have quit but after a severe back injury what did I do? I came back and kicked some fruity booty! I tagged up with long time partner Nick Neighborhood and we defeated (quite easily I might ad) Magnum NY and (I'm)Reed James (B!T*H). The victory not only proved that Nick and I should have never lost the titles,but I should still be one half of the champs of the worllllddd! But enough of that foolishness! In September I started it and on November 5th I'm going to finish it! Thats right in September I attacked Bert Williams and took out his knee, then I finally got my rematch for the cruiserweight title against him on October 15th. I had the match won! but obviously Bert had to much butter on him and he slipped in the victory! (Butter should be banned). Then on October 22nd I had that fool pinned after a perfectly executed suplex I learned in Germany. Buttt nooooo the stupid ref was blind and said my shoulders were down too! Wellllll now the title is vacant,and Bert thats a whole hell of a lot better than it being around your skinny stinken wrist sized waist! And NOOOwwwwWWW on Novermber 5th Bert its you and I my buttery friend in a LADDER MATCH! Thats right you heard it here first, it has been signed to be a ladder match! And Bert I'm going to pull out all the stops to not only injure you but to take back whats rightfully mine and thats the WOHW Cruiserweight championship! -N word please D cheese!

OCT. 6th 2004
So you have all heard the rumors.... some feel a trembling in the can cut the tenision with a knife....SO WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN CHUCKAMANIA RUNS WILD ONCE AGAIN! Thats right fools the one and only Diamond in the Muff Chuck Deep is returning to action on October 9th! Live I might add! Some how I have recovered, a lesser man would have sat in bed for the rest of his life eating twinkies, watching Riki Lake and complaining about everything and anything. Well not me! I'm coming back! So watch out all you ham-n-eggers! After a 4 month hiatus I'm gonna be back, and it doesn't matter who I face they are going down to the most ruthless toughest man that ever not Bart Gunn...ME!!!!
On to other things I have to make sure something is clear...I did not mean to hit Jeff Starr with the WOHW championship belt. So stop emailing me! I wanted to hit that half retarded Texas In-law. So for the last time it was an accident, we are still friends...JUST FRIENDS.. and we are not mad at each other.
Also some of you may have heard about me trying to re-unite the MEGA POWERS: Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage..well guys it didn't look good before but it seems I may be getting somewhere...and a tentative date for there return will be on October 29th at the WOHW show in Schenectady at Fright Night Fights!
P.S. WARPATH I did it, I ran over your stinken foot at shouldn't be messing with DAMAGE INC. and their Collectors Series! PEACE WUSS BAGS

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